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Laser Shot offers an expansive software library that includes titles for all ages and skill levels. 

firearms and accessories

Build unforgettable muscle memory with high-fidelity training firearms with realistic form, fit, and function.


SIMrange has the custom solution to fit the needs of any customer. Short throw and ultra-short throw
technology allows simulators to be installed in rooms of nearly any-size.




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With an extensive library of software to choose from, Laser Shot has a title for every user. Test your skills on professional shooting courses, practice hunting big game, or fight cowboys and pirates with the whole family.


Experience exciting hunts and hone your marksmanship skills. A variety of software titles are offered for hunters looking to practice anytime and anywhere. Hunt game of any kind in your own home or facility with an installed system, or for those constantly on the go, a portable
system allows users to quickly set up in almost any room in a matter of minutes.

Laser Shot is a Corporate Sponsor of SCI Safari Club International as well as a corporate sponsor of IHEA International Hunters Education Association and is a donor to Kids for Clays (Ronald McDonald Charities).

  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Handguns
  • Ammunition
  • Bowhunting
  • Firearm Basics
  • Muzzle loading
  • Hunter Responsibility
  • Game Care & Cleaning
  • Firearms Handling and Safety
  • Principles of Wildlife Management
  • Marksmanship and Shooting Fundamentals

Once you've educated yourself with HE Tools, take your hunting skills to the next level with Laser Shot's Virtual Hunting HD software.

  • Over 500 animal scenes
  • Create your own playlist
  • Display Shot Hits
  • Shows Kill Zones
  • Stop-and-start scenarios for proper training

Laser Shot’s hunting simulations are designed with input from hunter safety professionals from around the world. Students will experience the thrills of sporting firearms while at the same time receive instruction in safety, proper ethics, and the responsibilities of gun ownership.


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Competition shooting tests the ability to shoot both quickly and accurately. Laser Shot took these skill sets into consideration and created challenging courses that will help shooters further develop their technique. It gives a shooter the ability to train in the comforts of an indoor environment yearround. This software paired with Laser Shot hardware enables a shooter to easily train for any competition.


The world’s elite shooting competitors put their mental focus, speed, and accuracy to the test in global leagues like the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) and the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA).

Laser Shot’s popular Practical Shooting software titles simulate real IPSC/IPDA competition courses complete with responsive shoot and no-shoot cardboard and steel targets. Now competitors and enthusiasts alike can experience the challenge of a professional shooting competition in the comfort of an indoor environment, avoiding range fees, bad weather, and long travel times.

Practical Shooting Features:

  • Competitive Scoring System of Both Time & Accuracy
  • IPSC Regulation Targets
  • Time and Accuracy Scoring Factors
  • Shoot / No-Shoot Targets
  • Simulates Real Life Competition Courses
Max Michel Pro Shooter Experience - Adrenaline

Max Michel's Pro Shooter Experience - Adrenaline puts player's mental focus, speed, and accuracy to the test across 6 courses based off of the courses from Max's annual Pro Shooter Experience held in Las Vegas.

Max uses SIMrange technology to ensure he gets the proper amount of trigger time necessary to be a world champion caliber shooter. Day or night, rain of shine, Max is ready and able to practice his shooting skills with the power of SIMrange.

Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge is a marksmanship courseware package that simulates the courses shot on by pro's like world champion speed shooter Max Michel.

Choose from 8 target arrangements: Accelerator, Five to Go, Outer Limits, Pendulum, Roundabout, Showdown, Smoke & Hope, and Speed Option.

Pro Shooting Challenge

Pro Shooting Challenge features 5 courses, each with several stages of marksmanship drills that must be completed within the allotted time in order to go to the next stage.
You will move through various stages of an obstacle course, maintaining the control to fire with precision while avoiding the wrong targets.

Shotgun Simulations

Trap Shooting: American Singles
Developed and tested by professional competitors, Trap Shooting: American Singles features a true-to-life physics engine and takes full advantage of Laser Shot’s sub-pixel hit detection accuracy for maximum transfer of training between virtual range and live-fire.

Systems with TS: AS brings the challenge and excitement of trapshooting virtually anywhere, day or night, rain or shine, without the expense of ammunition or time wasted traveling to the range, and is ideal for shooters of any age or skill level.


Five Stand
Five Stand is a sporting clay simulation that allows users to hone their accuracy and reaction time as they progress through five stations, attempting to bag as many clay pigeons as they can at each one.

Laser Shot's Five Stand provides a realistic virtual version of the game, and when paired with a recoil conversion kit, a competitor can train with their shotgun - building the muscle memory associated with their gun's sight picture, weight, and trigger's unique breaking point.


Speed Trap 2
Take your training to a new level in Speed Trap 2. Choose the choke size, clay speed, number of clays per pull, total number of clays, and time limit for training to create an exercise that will challenge and develop your skills as a marksman.



Laser Shot’s competition shooting software and simulated weapons were designed with input from the current International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) World Champion and 8x World Speed Shooting Champion. Players are constantly challenged with targets of numerous sizes, multiple-hit targets, moving targets, reduced-size targets, and the stressors of being timed and competing against others. Software titles like Practical Shooting are not a static virtual target course but simulate movements to other obstacles, and barricades and present an array of targets that make it an excellent training tool that encourages players to get better and compete amongst each other.

Max Michel, Jr. is one of the most dominant competitive shooters in the world due to his unmatched mental focus and the unrivaled training methods he’s developed throughout his career. The best way to make time is through simulations. Laser Shot provides Max Michel with high-fidelity training versions of the SIG handguns he’s used to win world championships. With a Laser Shot simulator installed in his home and a mobile SIMrange he takes on the road, there’s nothing that can stop Max from getting quality trigger time – day or night, rain or shine.


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Firearm training for the purpose of civil/self defense has never been more accessible. SIMrange technology enables trainers and users to practice firearm handling, safety and usage any time, anywhere, and without the costs associated with using firearms including ammo, travel and gun maintainance. SIMrange’s team of engineers produces a wide range of simulated firearms available in dry-fire and simulated recoil configuration.


Used by police departments and law enforcement agencies across the globe, JTS is designed to challenge cognition through real-life interactive simulated scenarios. The scenarios were designed based on real-life exposure to emergent threats in the law enforcement and military communities. As the student reacts to the scenarios presented to them, the instructor has the ability to manipulate the scenario based on the student’s presentation of their organization's force continuum.
With over 1000 branching scenarios to choose from in the JTS library, from responding to a domestic disturbance or burglary to more complex branching scenarios such as active shooter and concealed carry scenarios, the instructor has the ability to challenge the student all while reinforcing the force continuum.


The Skill Drills Suite includes various training drills that focus on the improvement of timing, accuracy, and decision-making skills while employing lethal weapons. Since development is by training enforcement instructors, the courseware consists of drills that allow individual combatants to execute training exercises designed to improve target acquisition using either laser inserts, simulated recoil weapons, inert trainers, or the exclusive Thermal Shot TM live fire system. Each drill has adjustable settings such as the number of targets, trace time, speed, and more.

  • Training drills focus on the improvement of a student’s speed, accuracy, and decision-making skills
  • Each drill allows an instructor to tailor every training session to individual skill levels from beginner to expert using adjustable settings such as the number of targets, target face time, and target speed
  • Developed with direct input from active Military and Law Enforcement instructors

Reaction Plates:
In Reaction Plates, quick thinking is the name of the game. Targets flip over and must be shot quickly for the best score. Add no-shoot targets or decrease the size for added difficulty.

Shapes & Colors:
Shapes & Colors™ was designed for, and by, our armed forces special operations instructors. It is designed to improve a shooter's reaction time ability to discriminate between targets quickly and accurately by overwhelming their senses and creating a chaotic shooting environment.

Sequential Targets:
Sequential Targets is designed to increase a shooter's reaction time and ability to discriminate between targets quickly and accurately, by overwhelming their senses and creating a chaotic shooting environment.


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Family Fun

Whether you are seeking to add a multi-use entertainment system to your home or to upgrade your current home theater setup, SIMrange has a custom solution to fit the needs of any customer. Short-throw and ultra-short-throw technology allow simulators to be installed in rooms of nearly any size.

If your room already features a projector, SIMrange can seamlessly integrate simulator technology. If you are interested in installing a complete home theater setup in your home, SIMrange will provide a solution that functions as much more. Movies, shows, video games, and of course, simulated firearm entertainment will all be made available with the installation of a SIMrange simulator. 


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Laser Shot’s mission as a company is to fulfill the needs of consumers in the private sector seeking virtual firearms solutions. We provide solutions for hunter education, home theater entertainment, conceal carry and self-defense training, virtual range cocktail lounges, professional shooting practice, and more.