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Laser Shot offers an expansive software library that includes titles for all ages and skill levels. 

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Build unforgettable muscle memory with high-fidelity training firearms with realistic form, fit, and function.


SIMrange has the custom solution to fit the needs of any customer. Short throw and ultra-short throw
technology allows simulators to be installed in rooms of nearly any-size.




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Laser Shot sits down with Talon Outdoors Show to discuss scenario-based training for law enforcement and civilians.

In this episode dated May 18th, 2024, They discuss scenario-based training for law enforcement and civilians. Dennis Taylor, the National Sales Manager for Law Enforcement and Corrections for Lasershot Simulations, joined them to discuss their platform and how they will be leveraging it further to expand this training.

Recently the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office had a tragic event locally that highlighted the increased need for scenario-based training for law enforcement officers.  Talon Training Group long offered scenario-based training in their firearms safety courses for civilians that include training on a LaserShot machine with the JTS software.   The machine they have had is over 8 years old and lets them do the laser training with reality-based videos and real-time scoring, hit tracking, and the ability to steer branches of outcome based on student interaction with the screen.

Watch the full episode below and make sure to subscribe to their channel!

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