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Laser Shot offers an expansive software library that includes titles for all ages and skill levels. 

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Build unforgettable muscle memory with high-fidelity training firearms with realistic form, fit, and function.


SIMrange has the custom solution to fit the needs of any customer. Short throw and ultra-short throw
technology allows simulators to be installed in rooms of nearly any-size.




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Laser Shot’s military courseware offers a comprehensive and advanced training solution designed to enhance the skills and preparedness of military personnel. The courseware includes a diverse range of realistic scenarios, tactical simulations, and mission-specific training modules. Through cutting-edge technology, military professionals can engage in virtual environments that replicate real-world situations, allowing for immersive and effective training experiences.


The Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction (PMI) program is a self-paced interactive courseware designed specifically for small arms development, sustainment, and qualification, while strictly adhering to the doctrines of all services. Warfighters practice grouping and advance to zeroing. When the warfighter achieves an optimum shot group, the zeroing process will walk them through adjusting physical sights on simulated weapons. Upon successful zeroing, the shooter will transition to a qualification course and qualify using all tables and appropriate rounds.


PMI supports up to four training lanes per projector/screen, quadrupling the trainee capacity of other qualification courseware titles. Multiple simulators can be networked together to create an indoor virtual training facility with higher throughput, fewer liabilities, and less time lost than the live-fire equivalent.

Virtual marksmanship training has been proven to meet or exceed the effectiveness of live-fire training in numerous studies and provides additional value such as a hearing-safe training environment where instructors can be easily heard by the entire firing line, the ability of instructors to "get up close and personal" on and in front of the firing line, and immediate data feedback to the instructor as to shot placement, timing, and even the condition of every weapon with Laser Shot's Series 2 - SMART™ weapons.

  • Immediate feedback
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Scalable for higher throughput
  • Accurately sized targets and scoring
  • Comprehensive after-action review
  • Instructor screen for real-time monitoring
  • Database of individuals and training history
  • Capable of augmenting live-fire qualification


Laser Shot Simulators are compatible with Bohemia Interactive’s Virtual Battlespace (VBS) simulation suite. They can easily integrate with networking multiple units or combine with existing client assets that utilize VBS3 or VBS4 for larger collective training exercises. VBS3/4 facilitates less expensive, more efficient live-training events by allowing service members and leaders to exercise a variety of tasks at the “crawl”, “walk” and “run” levels of proficiency. VBS3/4 enables service members and leaders to enter their training event at a higher level of readiness, reducing the resources required to achieve proficiency. The software is free to authorized users under a US Army enterprise license, so all that is required for these users is integration with Laser Shot’s simulated weapons and tracking system.


Endless training scenarios can be created and edited as needed to adjust to specific training requirements. The VBS3 Tactical Weapon Simulator modules included are specifically written to integrate real or simulated firearm training simulations that can be employed for both individual and small unit tactical exercises.

  • Fully compatible with the VBS3 Desktop Trainer
  • Multiple camera fields-of-view
  • Build a virtual firing range quickly and easily using the VBS3 Mission Editor.
  • Shot tracking and after-action review
  • Construct specific missions based on your training needs
  • Realistic environmental conditions include rendering of natural light sources (sun, moon), shadows, weather conditions, and an accurate star field.
  • Mission rehearsal and/or AO familiarization
  • Tactical training, up to the combat team level
  • Combined Arms or Joint Training
  • Convoy training (including integration of virtual reality)
  • IED defeat analysis of options (decision support)
  • Fire support / forward air controller training
  • Complimentary virtual environment for live and constructive simulation or crew procedural trainers
  • Navigation
  • Mission simulation (for example aviation elements practicing LZ procedures
  • Vehicle checkpoints and area control
  • Helicopter loadmaster training
  • Procedural training for UAV operators
  • Visualization of weapon effects
  • Weapon (or platform) familiarization or experimentation


Featuring virtual military targets in vivid 1080P virtual immersion, KD Range is a fundamental element of Laser Shot’s comprehensive marksmanship instruction curriculum, adhering to the doctrinal standards of military field manuals. This virtual version of real-world marksmanship instruction includes functions designed to enhance the warfighter’s training experience and provide instant feedback to the instructor, such as a responsive location of misses and hits (LOMAH) indicator in the peripheral view of the warfighter, which displays instant shot placement without the need to interrupt the sight picture.

Additionally, this powerful courseware visualizes both POA and POI (point-of-aim and point-of-impact) to help the warfighter to conceptualize the relationship between where the weapon is aimed and the impact location of the virtual bullet ballistics and distance in the virtual environment. These added features greatly reduce the amount of time required for a warfighter to become proficient with their weapon system at varied distances.

The primary objectives of KD Range are to:
  • Teach the shooter to determine the relative size of targets by distance
  • Make sight adjustments for target distance (depending on the optic system used)
  • Experience the effect of wind and bullet drop depending on the ballistics of the round used
  • Practice accurate and repetitive shot grouping
  • Vivid 1080P immersive experience
  • Variety of mil-spec targetry on a virtual range
  • Relative target size to distance
  • LOMAH indicator for instant feedback
  • Wind simulation
  • Ballistic simulation for multiple caliber rounds


Laser Shot’s mission is to equip the U.S. military and allied nations with innovative, effective, and reliable firearms engagement training technology proven to enhance on-duty performance and to maximize warfighter readiness to deploy, fight, and win decisively on future battlefields.