Shooting Range Design

Laser Shot designs and fabricates live fire training ranges to suit every form of small arms weapons training including handguns, riot guns, shotguns, rifles and machine guns rated up to and including 7.62mm x 51 (standard).

Laser Shot’s unique modular design with no interior supports or walls is rapidly becoming the standard for non-MILCON live fire facilities.

Ranges Modularranges

Modular Shooting Range facilities may be built to almost any shooting distance and also can include multi-purpose areas such as classrooms or tactical training shooting bays.

Ranges RM12

A Modular Shooting Range is a completely armored and ballistically-secure weapons training facility, but the exterior may be designed to look like any other educational or administrative building, utilizing conventional siding and roofing combined with sound dampening materials (multiple color choices are available to blend with adjacent buildings and surroundings).

Key Features:

  • Available in multiple-lane configurations to any shooting distance
  • Optional trap systems – Granular Rubber, Venetian Blind, or Snail Traps™
  • Targetry system options include Laser Shot’s exclusive Thermal Shot™ Live Fire Virtual Targetry System and/or a target retrieval system
  • Built-in Range Office with complete operator station
  • Available with 99.97% HEPA filtrated ventilation systems – 100% Purge-Only, Tempered Purge, or 75% Recirculating HVAC

Ranges Mr1

Integrated baffle design provides protection down range for range lighting and sound systems

Ranges RM2

Range Master’s Office Operator Station

Ranges RM4

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