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Designed by firearm engineers to replicate the form, fit, and function of prolific polymer-framed sidearms, Laser Shot’s line of simulated pistols instill unforgettable muscle memory into the user with their true-to-life trigger weight, take-up, and reset. These simulated firearms can be outfitted with the user’s choice of a visible laser for standard dry-fire training or an 850nm infrared laser for integration with Laser Shot virtual firearm training simulators.

Laser Shot understands that a good training tool requires more than realism and took the development of this product several steps further by receiving ATF Certification #3311/304559 "non-firearm" status for international (non-ITAR) shipping and answered the market's demand for a maintenance-free device by ensuring the simulated trigger will function flawlessly through trigger pulls numbering in the hundreds of thousands - if not millions.

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  • Reliable through countless shots

  • IR or visible laser

  • Familiar ergonomics

  • Moving Action
  • Milspec durability
  • True-to-life trigger
    - Take-up
    - Break
    - Reset
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries

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