SimRange - Personal Skills Trainer (Package)

SimRange Package 7.31

CAll 281-240-1122


SimRange, Alienware Computer,  Laser Shot - Glock™ Inert Pistol, Game - Practical Shooting Charlie!

Ships 5 - 10 Business Days

*Does not include screen


SimRange™ is intended to simulate a traditional shooting range but with the use of virtual targets.  Laser Shot’s newest technology allows ultra-short  throw projectors with integrated hit detection cameras to be installed within 18” of the screen surface reducing the overall footprint required.

Key Features

  • Scalable for larger training throughput
  • Exceptional video quality in 1080P HD
  • Increases shooter’s proficiency, confidence and skill levels
  • Integrated Hit Detection Camera for easier set up and calibration
  • Safely conduct firearms training without need for ballistic or live weapons

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