CCAT - Cover Concealment Angle Trainer

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Laser Shot’s C/CAT is a portable, modular, barrier system which allows shooters to utilize cover and concealment, enhancing simulated and force-on-force training scenarios.

Barricades measure 4’x6’ and are built with modularity in mind. A C/CAT can be configured to replicate obstacles found in the field, such as: doorways, hallways, corners, and other architectural layouts. Barriers also incorporate 2’x2’ removable panels to create apertures and windows.

Each C/CAT system is comprised of two barricades which can be set up and torn down in minutes. The entire system packs easily into a single case measuring 13’x39’ and weighs only 46 lbs.


  • Barriers can be linked to create a 90-degree corner
  • Barriers can be configured to simulate a side-fed or center-fed room
  • Panels can stand alone or be linked with little effort utilizing integrated Fastex buckles
  • Multiple C/CAT’s can be purchased to create more elaborate layouts such as rooms or elongated hallways
  • Each set comes with 2 complete barriers, (4) solid 2’x2’ panels, (2) clear windows, (1) curtain and (1) quarter-aperture
  • Assembled without tools in less than 5 minutes
  • Constructed of durable PVC and is CA fire compliant material
  • Padded carry bag is included and designed with air travel in mind
  • Made in America

Not affiliated with FN® / Glock®

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