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The Laser Shot Webcam Range provides users a simple solution using simulation to perform basic firearms training.  Trainers can apply the fundamentals of pistol shooting with a Laser Shot WebcamRange and not have to worry about live firearms or ammunition while conducting training.

Approved to be used with the NRA Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Training program. 

Product Includes:

  • Laser Shot Webcam Range Software - includes all 3 editions 
  • Webcam
  • Software Security Key
  • Product Manual

Price: $160.00

Contact us at (281) 240-1122 to place your order.

How it works:

The webcam is focused on any fixed point that you determine to be your target, you have the freedom to use any piece of paper, target or object as an aiming reference. The webcam software is installed on your own Windows computer (not included) and will take a snapshot of your aiming point and record hit locations from the Laser Shot WebcamRange.This provides instructors or users to quickly identify areas to improve basic marksmanship skills.

SIRT Training Pistols from Next Level Training are currently the NRA approved simulated firearm and are compatible with Laser Shot’s WebcamRange.

WebcamRange software works with Windows 7 and 8. Mac OSX is currently not supported.

There are three levels of WebcamRange:

Basic Edition

webcamrange basic

This level allows the simplest and quickest setup and shooting options.  This can be quickly setup and the software will record the shot placement and overlay markers on the video feed to indicate shot placements.  The focus is on keeping the system simple without overwhelming the training with countless customizations as the point is to provide a simple and effective marksmanship training experience.


Multishooter Edition

webcamrange multishooter

Multi Similar in simplicity to the Basic Edition, the Multishooter Edition allows the trainer to define one, two or three lanes within the field of view to allow multiple shooters.  Shots that are detected within each of the lanes are marked with different colors to more easily discern between shooters, allowing the trainer to provide faster throughput on the system.

webcam multi shooter

Advanced Edition

webcamrange adv

Meant for trainers who want to delve deeper into specific drills, the Advanced Edition allows the trainers to define regions in the scene as hits or misses.  This is done through an intuitive painting / erasing tool allowing the trainer to define simple or complex shapes.  In addition, courses of fire can be setup to provide timed courses (where the targets must be hit within a predefined time limit), untimed, or “call targets” where an audio cue is sounded that calls out which of the zones to hit.  Further customizations are possible with random coutndowns, number of hits to “down” a target as well as defining the par time for each target.

webca adv