MSET - Military Skills Engagement Trainer


Laser Shot’s  (MSET) Military Skills Engagement Trainer is a multi-functional firearms simulator designed to address both basic and advanced firearms training requirements for both small arms and crew serve weapon systems. Optional add-on modules of mission specific training courseware or specialized weapon systems can elevate standard weapons training to address all individual and collective training requirements.

Proficiency with one’s weapon is the cornerstone achievement of basic soldier, marine, sailors, and airmen’s skills.
It requires repetitive training to master. The MSET is a low cost and safe alternative toward achieving that success by utilizing laser based simulated weapons and virtual targetry with emphasis on doctrinal training standards. These virtual qualification ranges, tactical training, and skill building exercises provide individuals more access to instruction, improvement and sustainment.

All critical system hardware (laser hit detection camera, computers, instructor station, speakers, and networking hardware) are mounted in fixed positions inside the ruggedized portable for easy set up and operation. The MSET is considered a plug and play solution that is designed specifically for the training needs of military professionals.

The MSET multi-functional firearms simulator is compatible with our simulated weapons and provides practical training solutions. Additional weapon models are also available.

Key Features

  • Portable
  • Integrated Instructor Station
  • Compatible with small arm and crew serve simulated weapons systems
  • Shock and water resistant
  • Plug and Play
  • Individual and Collective Skills Training
  • VBS3 Tactical Weapon Simulator
  • Accurate Ballistic API for realistic training
  • Compatible with Crosshair™ Long Range Optics Training Systems
  • Optional mission specific courseware modules for vessel defense, mounted or dismounted operations, or CQB requirements

System Includes

  • Shockmount Ruggedized Case
  • Integrated Instructor Station
  • 1080P Projector
  • Laser Hit Detection Camera
  • Networking Hardware
  • M4/M9 Training Software
  • Crew Served Training Software
  • VBS3 Tactical Weapons Simulator Software
  • Weapon Interface
  • Portable Screen

Sold Separately

  • Training weapons sold separately
  • Screen sold seperately  



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