MMTS-M Mounted Machine Gun Training Simulator

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The Mounted Machine Gun Training Simulator combines Laser Shot’s subpixel-accurate laser training technology with VBS3 software to provide the user with an unparalleled solution for crew gunnery training across a wide range of Mounted Machine Gun platforms. MMTS-M immerses vehicle crews into a virtual environment that aids in developing a fundamental understanding of the engagement process, fire commands, engagement techniques and marksmanship skills required in accordance with TC 3-20.31 (Training and Qualification, Crew) or TC 4-11.46 (Sustainment Unit Gunnery and Live Fire Exercise Strategy) performance measures.

1. MMTS-M draws from a database of actual range terrains to allow crews to familiarize themselves on a virtual analogue of the exact range on which they will qualify. Target worksheets can be imported and exported, allowing Master Gunners a quick and easy way to practice a real course of fire virtually or safe a real range for live fire with data from a simulated course.

2. Fully-featured After-Action Review with audio and video is savable on a per-engagement basis. Scoring is partially automated with sections for an instructor to assess penalties and add remarks, outputting DA 8265 forms for each engagement along with a DA 8265-1 crew roll-up following course completion. With the Crosshair™ Magnified Optics Simulator module active, the gunner’s point of aim is continuously recorded and may be replayed during AAR as well.

3. MMTS-M utilizes its own crew database system to keep track of all vehicle crew members who use the system, maintaining a history of their performance for each virtual course they have taken.

4. Laser Shot’s unique laser tracking-based design does not require the use of head-mounted displays, resulting in an immersive
simulation environment that feels completely natural. Highly realistic simulated crew-served weapons can be manipulated exactly like their real-world counterparts, simulating ammunition limits and weapon malfunctions as necessary.

5. The MMTS-M Course Editor is a mouse-based graphical interface that is intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing an instructor to create courses conforming to TC 3-20.31/TC 4.11.46 standards on a virtual version of a real range with actual target locations quickly and easily. These courses can then be saved to a database to be reused whenever necessary.

6. Many different types of vehicles can be simulated in MMTS-M. The virtual database within VBS3 allows for different handling characteristics while in the simulation, and the physical alignment of the MMTS-M can be adjusted to change the gunner’s position relative to the vehicle commander and driver. In addition, Blue Force Tracker integration is available for the vehicle commander, with CROWS simulation for stabilized gunnery is coming soon.

7. When paired with Crosshair™, the Mounted Gunnery Trainer can be outfitted with a PAS-13D simulated magnified thermal optic with an embedded micro display to adhere to qualification and training standards that require proficiency with the optic.


  • Designed to Meet the Standards Set in TC 3-20.31/TC 4-11.46 for Gunnery Table II, Gate 3

  • Based on the VBS3 Tactical Weapon Simulator Platform

  • Integrated Instructor Station with Full After-Action Review Capability

  • Compatible with M249, M240, M2 and MK19 Simulated Weapon Systems

  • Individual, Crew and Collective Skills Training
  • Accurate Ballistics Simulation for Realistic Training

  • Space-Efficient Design


MMTS-M Options

  • Sensored Feedback for Simulated Weapons

  • Compatibility with Crosshair™ Magnified Optics Simulator

  • Additional Video/Audio AAR Hardware (such as CCTV)

  • Able to be Networked with Other VBS3 Systems
  • Enhanced Service/Maintenance Agreements 
  • (Tier 4 through Tier 1) per TC 3-20.0

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