Shooting Range Technologies places 25m Modular Small Arms Range (MSAR)

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Shooting Range Technologies places 25m Modular Small Arms Range (MSAR)

Panama City, FL – June 2021 – The 325th Security Forces Squadron at Tyndall Air Force Base, FL took delivery last month of a new 25-meter Modular Small Arms Range (MSAR) in support of their mission to conduct live weapons training for SFS personnel assigned to Tyndall.

SRT’s MSAR was fabricated largely offsite, then shipped, assembled and finished on location. Although SRT has supplied numerous MSARs to DoD organizations in the past, the 325th’s new range is the first modular indoor range to be designed and installed since the Department of Defense’s March 2020 publication of new Small Arms Range Design Criteria (UFC-4-179-02). The new criteria include specific material, dimensional and layout requirements, as well as stringent airflow and sound reduction parameters, which must be verified through testing. 

The Tyndall MSAR was contracted, fabricated, and delivered in less than eight months, during the peak the 2020/2021 Covid-19 Pandemic, exemplifying SRT’s reputation for delivering on-time and within budget, often despite adverse conditions.

The 325th’s MSAR is only the latest evolution of the clear-span modular range technology innovated by the SRT Division of Laser Shot, Inc. of Stafford, TX. John Gritschke - Director of Laser Shot’s live-fire range division, and 34 year-veteran of the live-fire range industry- said of the new range,

“Laser Shot is proud to provide the USAF with their first fully-compliant modular range—Our best example of the MSAR product to-date, here at Tyndall. We have an excellent team that always found a way to, ‘get it done’ during one of the most challenging times in recent history and we still delivered on-time and on-budget. The advent and implementation of our latest innovative design, with the elimination of interior walls separating lanes, has made all previous ”containerized” designs obsolete. SRT will continue to lead the industry and we’re looking forward to providing many more modular ranges to our nation’s military warfighters and security forces. All Laser Shot products; whether live-fire, simulation, or hybrid, are designed with one common theme: Provide the most capable, effective, and reliable systems to enable our warfighters to maintain readiness and proficiency with their small arms skills so they can fight, win, and come home.”

Gritschke brings 34 years of live-fire range industry experience to Laser Shot—A world leader in virtual small arms training simulators and specialty live-fire ranges since 1999. In addition to the Modular, Mobile and Container Range products, Laser Shot’s diverse team of software engineers, electronic systems specialists, and firearm engineers design, develop, and deliver superior simulations training solutions to all services of the US and allied foreign militaries while strictly adhering to every detail of official training doctrine. These systems range from man-portable systems like the popular Mobile Marksmanship Training Simulator (MMTS) to comprehensive vehicular and convoy simulators, such as the III Corps’ Warrior Skills Trainers.


About the 325th SFS:

The 325th Security Forces Squadron is one of five squadrons assigned to the 325th Mission Support Group, 325th Fighter Wing, Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. The squadron provides force protection programs to include weapon system security, police services, resource protection and antiterrorism for a 29,000-acre base with 128 miles of shoreline in support of 325th FW and 30 associate units. The squadron oversees personnel, information, and industrial security procedures for more than 6,700 assigned personnel. The 325th SFS also maintains a wartime and contingency rapid deployment capability to conduct force protection operations worldwide.

Within the operations flight, the Tyndall "Defenders" perform law enforcement, installation security, pass and registration, military working dog, antiterrorism, resource protection and installation security services. The law enforcement element of the flight performs base patrol and entry control operations while the security element is responsible for protection of assigned and temporary duty priority aircraft, command and control facilities, critical communications and air defense facilities. The military working dog section provides patrol dog, drug suppression and explosives detection services for the base, and frequently demonstrates dog team capabilities to the base and civic groups. The antiterrorism section provides a program to deter and detect terrorist acts against Tyndall by collecting and disseminating timely threat information and providing training to all base members on awareness and by developing comprehensive plans and programs. The resource protection office serves as the base program manager for the protection of government funds, pharmaceuticals, firearms and munitions.

The training and resources flight is responsible for training, armory functions, combat arms and unit supply. The training section is tasked with training all assigned security forces, augmentees and all base personnel slated for Air Expeditionary Force deployment.

About Laser Shot Simulations:

Laser Shot has developed cutting-edge virtual firearm training and simulations since 1999. The key to the full-spectrum immersive experience is the attention to detail dedicated to every aspect of the simulator – from the vivid HD projection system to the true-to-life look, feel, and function of Laser Shot simulated weapons. The Laser Shot team of software engineers, live-fire range specialists, and firearm engineers provide virtual training solutions to all services of the US and allied foreign militaries while strictly adhering to every detail of official training doctrine.

About Shooting Range Technologies™:

Shooting Range Technologies (SRT) is a leading authority on live-fire range design, fabrication and equipment. With more than seventy combined years of industry experience, SRT personnel are uniquely qualified to take on your range project and complete it on time and within budget. We use the very latest in computer aided design technology, and operate some of the largest computer driven dual-head water jet cutting machines in North America. As the live-fire division of Laser Shot, Inc., and previously operating solely under the Laser Shot name, SRT has been designing, fabricating and equipping specialized, 360° containment / zero SDZ livefire shooting range facilities since 2005.

About Troy Acoustics:

Troy Acoustics Corporation (TAC), a small business, was incorporated in 2004 by our company founder Bill Bergiadis, who designed and developed the patented and highest-rated Sound-Wall system in the world. The Troy System designs, products and installation have been utilized by the Broadcasting Industry, the U.S. Government and many other entities requiring a noise-free operating environment. The Troy System™ provides a simple solution for complex noise problems for isolation and reverberation control.


John Gritschke
Director of Range Programs / SME
SRT Live-Fire Division

Tel: +1 281 240 1122

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