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  • Laser Shot Hunter Education systems teach shooting skills, safety, ethics, and responsibility

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Laser Shot Hunter Education

Laser Shot's Hunting Simulator was designed with input from Hunter Safety Professionals from around the world. Students will experience the thrills of sporting firearms while at the same time receive instruction in safety, proper ethics, and the responsibilities of gun ownership.
Laser Shot is a Corporate Sponsor of SCI Safari Club International as well as a corporate sponsor of IHEA International Hunters Education Association and is a donor to Kids for Clays (Ronald McDonald Charities).
Youth recruitment is paramount to the survival of our hunting heritage.

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Hunter Education Packages


Classroom Trainer

Perfect for group training, our Classroom Trainer features Adult and Youth Rifles, rack mount computer, LCD video projector, 6' x 8' projection screen and more! Click for details.


HE-200 System

If you don't have a large group, the HE-200 is a great choice. It forgoes the screen, speakers, rack mount computer, and rolling case included in the Classroom Trainer, and provides a basic package great for home use.
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